3 Reasons To Call Northbrook Child Custody Attorneys

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Attorney

Not everyone going through a divorce will need to consider involving child custody attorneys in their case, but there are some important considerations that parents in the Northbrook area should consider.

It is helpful to think of these as red flags or signs that having an attorney involved early in the process to help deal specifically with the child custody issues is important. Often by having an attorney involved early in the divorce the children can be shielded from ongoing conflicts.  Parents can also have the support they need to try to work together or to allow a judge to make the decisions with regards to the custody arrangements for the children.

Of course, if it is a custody modification post-divorce, having an attorney is essential. This is true even if parents are in general agreement, as the attorney is necessary to provide the legal support and advice needed to present to the court for the modification.

History of Custody Drama

If a parent has children with another individual and there has been ongoing conflict with the custody and support of that child or children, it is a good indicator the same pattern of behavior will play out in your divorce.

When child custody attorneys are brought in early in these situations with an understanding of the types of behavior exhibited by the parent in the past they can protect the children, even limiting visitation if there are concerns for the emotional or physical well-being of the children.

Domestic Violence or Threats

When there has been a history of domestic violence or threats of violence in the relationship it is essential to work with child custody attorneys. These professionals can work with you to obtain orders of protection if necessary, or to ensure the children are supervised when with the other parent.

While a parent may naturally downplay domestic violence, a divorce can be a very significant time for the risk of violence. Being proactive and ensuring your safety and that of the child or children needs to be a priority in these situations.

Inability to Communicate and Resolve Conflict

When parents in Northbrook have a long history of inability to work together, make parenting decisions together, or to resolve conflicts, having attorneys involved provides an opportunity to communicate with each other through their respective representatives.

This can be highly effective in getting a solid and stable custody and parenting plan in place that meets the needs of both parents. Agreement with the plan helps the children as well as the parents, and may open a door to continued dialogue and communication after the divorce is over.

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