5 Reasons You Need Car Accident Lawyers

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Attorney

Accidents happen. It doesn’t matter what context you look at that statement; it is a basic and universal truth. Of course, some are avoidable, and some are not. Car accidents are a prime example of this, and while some are not your fault, others might be. And in all instances, car accident lawyers are essential.

Importance of Legal Expertise

Whether you are the victim of an auto accident or the cause, the first step after the dust settles is to get legal help. There are a lot of issues that appear, ranging from medical to insurance and even criminal issues. Clearly, there are many reasons to seek legal advice, and the five most significant include:

  1. The time factor – In many states there is what is known as a statute of limitations, and if you don’t take legal action after an incident it is entirely possible that you can lose your right to file a lawsuit or seek compensation.
  2. The rules to follow –  There are very specific rules that need to be followed after an accident and car accident lawyers are more than just familiar with them. They know when to file police reports, what requirements your state laws set down, and all that needs to happen in order for you to file a lawsuit.
  3. The advice you need – There is a seemingly endless list of questions most have after an accident and it is a lawyer who can supply the answers. From whose insurance policy should cover fees, medical bills and repairs to whether or not you can seek damages for pain and suffering and so many other issues, it is the legal expert who can tell you about your options and give answers.
  4. The resources – Do you know someone who can adequately reconstruct an auto accident? Do you know someone who can research the person who caused an accident? Lawyers with an emphasis on auto accidents have all of the legal resources you need, including staff and investigators who can ensure the best outcomes.
  5. The advocacy – Many auto accidents are settled out of court, but some do not, and you need someone who can handle any particular side. Whether it is a lawyer to stand up for you before a jury and a judge or someone to negotiate a settlement, it is a lawyer that is required.

If you are in need of support from expert car accident lawyers in the Racine area, The Law Offices of John V. O’Connor is an ideal resource.  Get in touch to discuss your case today.

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