A Bankruptcy Trustee in New Brunswick Can Help You Get Out of Debt

by | Mar 7, 2016 | Bankruptcy Law

A bankruptcy trustee in New Brunswick can help you to get out of the suffocating debt that you are dealing with. A lot of people mistakenly believe that bankruptcy is not available to them because they have never actually spoke to a professional that can give them a full picture of what bankruptcy can do for them. A bankruptcy trustee that is committed to helping people to get a fresh start can help you to better understand the laws that may be able to stop:

  • Repossession
  • Foreclosure
  • Garnishment of their wages
  • Constant phone calls
  • Other legal action

The bankruptcy laws are in place to help protect consumers and businesses from losing everything that they have worked hard to build. A bankruptcy trustee can help you to reach your financial goals, get out of debt, reorganize your business and get a fresh start. You do not have to struggle through this on your own. There is help and you very likely will be eligible for the relief that bankruptcy can provide. As soon as you file a “stay of proceedings” takes affect which means all legal actions against you has to stop however there are several caveats to the stay so you do want to speak to a bankruptcy trustee to get more information and understand your rights. Getting the information you need can help you to better understand the process.

Don’t Suffer with Stress Alone

No one wants to renege on their debt but sometimes life just throws you a curve ball that you are not prepared for and you find yourself making decisions between groceries and paying off a debt. Things like sudden unemployment, unexpected crisis and a host of other things can leave you in a different financial position then what you expected to be in. Most people struggle with stress and anxiety over their finances far longer than they should when relief is only a phone call away.

Don’t decide that bankruptcy is not for you until you have spoken to a bankruptcy trustee that can share all the facts with you. Stop harassing phone calls from bill collectors and get back on track with your finances. You deserve the chance to reorganize your debt and get some relief from the stress. With the right guidance you will be able to put this financial stress to rest.

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