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Are You In a Domestic Violence Situation? Receive Help From an Order of Protection Lawyer in Long Island

Are you in a relationship with someone who resorts to violence when they’re upset or frustrated? Have you had to deal with the abuse one too many times? If you don’t want to live this way any longer, you don’t have to. Domestic violence is a punishable crime. Your attacker can end up in jail for what he or she has done to you. However, before pursuing legal action against your former partner, you may want to file an order of protection. An order of protection lawyer in Long Island will help you fill out the paperwork, especially if you’re unsure of how to do it.

How Does an Order of Protection Keep Me Protected?

The order protection will prevent your former partner from getting in close contact with you. He or she will be forbidden to contact you or be within a certain amount of feet from you. The order of protection lawyer in Long Island may ask you to offer some details while filling out the paperwork. Some of the details include the name of the person you’re filing against, along with the reason behind it. In this case, the reason would be to protect yourself against the abusive ways of the person.

What Happens After an Order of Protection Gets Filed?

The order of protection lawyer in Long Island will take the paperwork to the courthouse to file it. Once it’s received, your former partner will have papers given to them. The papers they receive will let them know that an order of protection has been served against them, and that they cannot contact you. They’ll also have a date where they’ll need to come to court. If they don’t show up for court, it’s possible that bench warrant will get placed on them.

Filling out an order of protection is one of the first steps to getting out of the abusive relationship and putting an end to the violence completely. After you’ve received the order of protection, you can continue to pursue legal action against your former partner, especially if you do have proof of their abusive ways towards you.

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