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Divorce Lawyers in Cranston, RI, Handle Common and Complex Issues

For most, a divorce is one of life’s most stressful events. Even in a perfect scenario, difficult economic and familial issues must be resolved civilly and objectively. Divorce-related support and custody disputes are some of the most emotional legal issues, but having the Law Offices of George J. Bauerle, III on one’s side can simplify the process and protect one’s interests.

Common Issues during a Divorce

Every divorce case is unique, but most require resolution of matters such as asset division, child custody, child support and spousal support. Such issues are sometimes accompanied by more specific problems, any of which can prolong the process. Some complications include:

• the division of assets and property,

• distribution of assets in which one spouse’s income is substantially larger than the other’s,

• award of spousal support,

• child custody and visitation,

• who gets to remain in the marital home, and

• the appropriate amount of child support.

These are just some of the issues that can arise during a divorce. If one spouse stayed out of the workforce to raise the couple’s children or to further the other spouse’s career, they might be entitled to a larger share of the marital assets. Divorce lawyers in Cranston, RI, can provide more case-specific details.

How Lawyers Can Help

A variety of legal issues must be resolved during divorce and those issues can make the process quite adversarial between the parties. If one is considering a divorce, or if one’s spouse has already filed, they should have a divorce attorney to help them through the complex legal process. The stakes in a divorce are high and its consequences can affect families legally, economically, emotionally and socially for years to come. A divorce lawyer can evaluate the case and identify the client’s options.

Divorcing Spouses Should Find an Experienced Attorney

Some couples can resolve divorce issues without taking the case to court, but divorces often turn into messy, contentious affairs, especially if significant assets or infidelity is involved. By finding divorce lawyers in Cranston, RI, a divorcing spouse can navigate the legal system with minimal hassle, while protecting his or her interests, finances and the relationship with others.

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