Do I Qualify For Social Security Insurance?

by | Sep 23, 2015 | Legal

If you are applying for social security disability insurance, chances are that you are asking yourself this question every once in a while. The process can be very convoluted and confusing, and even people with very obvious disabilities that deserve benefits have their claims denied for a variety of reasons unrelated to their situation. If you are trying to fill out the disability application for social security insurance in Washington DC, then you should investigate the number of great attorneys that specialize in social security in the area. They will be able to help you navigate the process and make sure that you are not questioning yourself like you might be now. Until then, though, here are some ways you will know if you qualify for social security disability insurance.

One way you can know whether or not you qualify from the start is based on your income. As of this post, if you make above 1,200 dollars a month on average at your job, then you probably do not qualify for social security disability insurance. Social security insurance is largely meant for lower income individuals or individuals whose disability completely prohibits them from earning an income, so you might not qualify if you make too much money.

Another important factor in whether or not you qualify is the severity of your disability. Social security insurance is meant primarily for those people with chronic, severe, and/or long lasting disabilities that prevent them from earning a regular income. If, then, your disability is something that keeps you from working for a short period of time or is not particularly severe, then you might not qualify for social security insurance. A good benchmark measurement would be whether or not you will be affected by your disability in a year. If you would say that you will still be negatively and greatly affected by it, then you probably qualify. Otherwise, you might not qualify for social security insurance.

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