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Find an Employee Law Attorney in Northampton, MA

New technology is behind some new problems for employees. It is important to remember that freedom of speech does not always apply. Employees can be fired for what they post on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites. New ways of communication develop daily. Further, many people like to blog and may use sites like Tumbler. First Amendment rights do not apply to employers. Therefore, individuals can get fired for pictures and comments on social media.

There are some parameters for what employees can use to fire or discipline employees. Talk to an employee law attorney in Northampton, MA, to learn more. Visit the website to find out how to make an appointment. The law protects employees in certain situations. For instance, whether or not one is protected depends on the content of a posting. Many states have laws that protect employees who express political opinions or endorse candidates. Likewise, employees who write about company wrongdoing are protected by whistle-blower laws.

Many states have laws that protect employees when they are off-duty. The law bans employers from taking action against people who “use legal products” on their own time. Legal products can be interpreted to include social media. Likewise, there are laws that protect certain behavior, as long as it is not illegal. An employee law attorney in Northampton, MA, will explain that employees are protected when they join together. For example, comments made by unions and other organizations are protected. One cannot be fired for posting about poor job conditions. If employers break this law, the employee can file a lawsuit. The National Labor Relations Board protects the right to publish employment information.

Like coloring a picture, employees have to stay within the guidelines. It is not appropriate to comment about a co-workers’ race, sex or appearance. In other words, avoid controversial statements about other people. An individual can be fired for posting about a co-worker’s appearance and sexual orientation. In addition, co-workers may not have the same sense of humor as you do. Therefore, joking about job matters should be avoided. It is important to protect your reputation and job. Follow the law and you should be in the clear. Click here for more details about employee law attorney in Northampton, MA.

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