Finding an ATV Accident Attorney Close to Des Moines, Iowa

by | Jul 13, 2018 | Legal

All-terrain vehicles (ATV) are popularly used by people of all ages, even children who are not old enough to be operating them. When an accident occurs with one of these vehicles, it may be that the driver hasn’t got enough training to operate the vehicle, but it could be another person’s fault or equipment defect. An ATV accident attorney close to Des Moines Iowa has seen many cases where the fault lies with the equipment and will help injured clients to sue. The following are various scenarios in which an injured person can sue because of an ATV accident.

Understanding various scenarios in which a lawsuit can be filed for an ATV accident

If the person operating an ATV is hit by another vehicle and the person is injured, a personal injury lawsuit is possible. However, if the operator of the ATV was intoxicated, it may be a little more difficult to collect anything in a lawsuit unless there are other factors involved. Other factors that may warrant a lawsuit include brake failure on the ATV or other defects with the vehicle.

Other scenarios in which a lawsuit may be filed for an ATV accident

If the operator of an ATV is injured in an accident with the vehicle because the terrain on which the vehicle was operated was messed up, such as with potholes or debris, the possibility exists for a premises liability lawsuit. If it turns out that the injury on an ATV happened because of someone or something else, the lawsuit can be against the person’s insurance company, but it may usually take the skill of a competent lawyer to win the case.

A personal injury attorney in Des Moines, Iowa

Since it can be difficult to prove fault in an ATV accident, it will be essential for an injured person to hire a lawyer with plenty of experience. Lawyer, Lawyer, Dutton & Drake are attorneys in the West Des Moines, Iowa area who represent clients involved in ATV accidents and other personal injury cases. People in need of an ATV accident attorney close to Des Moines Iowa can contact these lawyers. Check out for more information.

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