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First Contact: What to Lookout For at a Personal Injury Lawyer’s Office

The relationship between you and your personal injury attorney is likely to last for months, even years, according to Accident Doctor. The decision you make should be based on what type of relationship you would expect and deserve. This relationship starts from the initial consultation. Here are things you should lookout for that will help you decide if that is the right firm for you.

Length it Takes to Call You Back

If your call goes unanswered for long or you are put on hold for a long time, that is an immediate indication that the lawyer has inadequate staff or too overwhelmed.

Your First Contact Person at the Office

If you cannot speak to a personal injury lawyer on your first visit, chances are high that you never will, at least until your case is settled. While some lawyers have paralegals screen cases, it is inappropriate for them not to at least offer you a courtesy face-to-face meeting.

Undivided Attention

If the personal injury attorney will not give you 15 minutes to discuss the intricacies of your case, there is a chance your claim will be handled the same. Frequent distractions from staff and calls are a sign that you should look somewhere else where your case will get the attention and time it deserves.

Gut Feelings

As you weigh the factors above, your decision is ultimately dependent on your gut feeling about the personal injury lawyer. If he or she inspired confidence, comfort and enthusiasm in you during that first visit, then you may have the right lawyer for your case.

A reputable personal injury attorney will usually not charge for the initial consultation. Remember as you make an appointment, to carry your documentation. This is the best way to get familiar and develop a sense of how a lawyer would handle your case.

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