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How to Post Bail in Broward County, FL

Bail is the process of allowing an arrested person to be temporarily released from jail in exchange for a certain amount of money. The amount of bail is typically set by taking into account a number of factors: the seriousness of the crime, the record of the accused, and the likelihood that the accused will try to flee once released, among others. To post bail in Broward County, FL an accused has a few options.

Release on One’s Own Recognizance (R.O.R)

For most minor crimes, R.O.R is acceptable. This simply means a judge will agree to release the accused without any bail payment. When this occurs, the courts and the judge have decided that they believe the accused will return to court for a trial when the date is set. An R.O.R does not typically apply for people who have had multiple run ins with the law, but it is strictly used for people who have a generally good reputation.

Bail Bondsman

For serious crimes, a bail bond is usually needed because many people do not have thousands of dollars to put up for bail. A bail bond contract is between three different parties: the surety (the bondsman), the obligee (the court), and the principal (the accused). When using a bail bond, the surety (the bondsman) ends up paying the full bail amount for the accused. In turn, the accused must live up to his/her terms of release and must return to court for trials or hearings. If the accused does not live up to his/her expectations, he or she will be tracked down by the bondsman. When using a bail bond, it is important to carefully read the contract and live up to expectations when released from jail. It is also important to pay back the fees that are associated with using a bail bondsman.

These are two options an accused person has when trying to post bail in Broward County, FL. For more information about bonds, bail bondsman and the process, call at (305) 642-1986.

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