It May Be to Your Advantage to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Warrenton, VA

by | May 18, 2018 | Personal Injury Attorney

People suffer personal injuries every day somewhere in the United States, and these personal injuries are usually brought into court as a lawsuit. If a person is going to file a personal injury lawsuit in Virginia, there should be some understanding of how personal injury law is handled in the commonwealth. A personal injury attorney in Warrenton, VA helps clients who are pursuing a personal injury lawsuit, ensuring that they understand all that is involved. Here is a look at all that a client should be aware of when pursuing a personal injury lawsuit in Virginia.

A Look at Personal Injury Law in Virginia

The statute of limitations is always something that a person needs to be aware of when filing a personal injury lawsuit, and the time limit is two years in Virginia. If the claimant does not file the personal injury lawsuit in a civil court in that time, the case will likely never be heard, and there will be no opportunity to be awarded damages. If the personal injury lawsuit is against a city or town government, the claimant must file a claim within six months before a lawsuit can even be initiated.

Other Things to Consider About Personal Injury Laws in Virginia

The claimant must realize that Virginia employs a strict rule of comparative fault for an accident or injury. If the other party finds that the claimant is even one percent at fault for the accident, no damages will be awarded to the claimant for the personal injury lawsuit. Because this is so harsh, it is critical that the claimant hires an attorney with a proven track record.

An Attorney to Help in Warrenton, Virginia

No one wants to get hurt and then have to pay for everything that happened without getting compensated. Gayheart & Willis, P.C. are attorneys in the Warrenton, Virginia area who will help their clients get the best shot at receiving compensation for their injuries sustained. If there are any individuals who need to speak with a personal injury attorney in Warrenton, VA can contact these attorneys. Contact us for a consultation at website.

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