Prudently Preparing for an Initial Consultation with an Auto Accident Attorney in Tumwater, WA

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Accident Attorney

Being in an automobile accident can be one of the most devastating incidents in a person’s life. Numerous consequences can follow a car wreck, such as a loss or partial loss of physical abilities and intellectual reasoning. This can lead to an inability to work and perform daily activities. A collision can also result in problems with personal relationships and damage to property. To recover losses resulting from an accident, learn how to prepare for an initial consultation with an Auto Accident Attorney in Tumwater WA.

Fully Complete the Client Intake Form

For an Auto Accident Attorney in Tumwater WA to get a good understanding of the car wreck, it’s essential to thoroughly fill out the client intake form. It’s helpful to do this before the initial consultation. Disclose all requested information, such as contact details. Take the time to carefully give an accurate account of the incident. Be as precise as possible without adding unnecessary details. However, it’s important to include all relevant information.

Organize Relevant Information

Gather all pieces of evidence related to the accident. This includes photos and videos taken of the collision aftermath. Also, bring the police and medical reports. All receipts for medications prescribed for treatment after the accident should be included as well. Also, bring all medical bills related to the accident. Organize these into a few folders. It’s extremely beneficial to give the lawyer a list of witnesses along with their contact information.

Practice for the Initial Consultation

Make a list of questions the lawyer may ask. Practice answering these questions. It’s a good idea to let another person give his opinion on responses to these queries. Remember to reveal all the necessary details without getting off topic. Simple, yet detailed, answers give the lawyer have a better understanding of the incident. When possible, have a trusted family member or friend accompany you to the initial consultation.

By implementing these helpful tips, a potential client can give a clear explanation of the experience. This will show the lawyer the potential client is serious about the case and is willing to put forth the effort necessary to recover any losses. These suggestions can enhance the chance of being accepted as a client. For information on personal injury law services, please visit us.

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