Serious Financial Problems? Call Bankruptcy Lawyers in Suffolk, VA

by | Feb 20, 2017 | Lawyer

There are good reasons to consider bankruptcy and pursue it formally with the help of a legal expert. But there are also bad reasons for taking this crucial step. When you’ve started to think about bankruptcy, your best option is to talk with that legal expert right away. Give him or her all the details about your situation and be honest about your reasons for taking this step.

To help you prepare for this initial consultation with bankruptcy lawyers and to help you understand your financial situation even better, it would be wise to look at some of the reasons you probably should declare bankruptcy. The primary reason involves immediately ending those dangerous spending habits.

No Cash Available

You should meet with bankruptcy lawyers if you’re using credit cards for everyday needs. If you have gotten into the habit of buying groceries with a credit card, you may want to discuss this with a legal professional. Some families do this repeatedly because they use their regular incomes to pay off debt. If you make minimum payments only, interest charges can catch up with you.

If you are now subject to higher interest rates on lender debt or credit cards because of missed payments, it may be time to seek assistance. This may happen just once and it may not be a warning sign but if it’s repeated by various lenders, you may need to ask for help from bankruptcy lawyers in Suffolk, VA.

Garnished Wages

Sometimes, a lender will get a court order that allows them to garnish wages. Money is then taken directly from your pay. You may develop serious financial problems if this happens so it may be a good idea to seek advice from Suffolk bankruptcy lawyers. These and other financial difficulties can be dealt with during the bankruptcy process when you have the right legal partner.

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