Tips to Use When Hiring Catastrophic Accident Attorneys in Glendale, AZ

by | Dec 7, 2015 | Law

Injuries sustained during an accident deserve compensation. Not only is the person looking at spending time recovering from these injuries, he or she may be missing work, they could find they need to hire outside help to get them through this difficult time and their medical bills need to be paid. Insurance companies work to pay out the least amount possible following an accident, but often this compensation is not adequate. For this reason, many individuals find they want to hire catastrophic accident attorneys in Glendale, AZ to help them prepare their case and obtain sufficient compensation for their injuries.

Speak to the attorney to determine how many catastrophic injury cases they have handled in the past, how many have gone to trial and how many have ended in a pre-trial settlement. Insurance companies need to know that the lawyer is willing to take the case to court if he or she feels this will be in their client’s interests. In addition, the lawyer should be able to answer any questions a client has or give a reasonable answer as to why he or she cannot. For example, an attorney cannot give a hard and set figure for compensation that will be awarded, but can provide a ballpark figure and give reasons why he or she feels this would be the compensation range.

Visit the office to learn more about the attorney’s staff. Clients often spend more time interacting with support personnel in a lawyer’s firm than they do speaking to the attorney, and for this reason a client needs to feel comfortable working with them too. They should be professional and friendly, answer questions when they can, and defer to the attorney when they cannot.

Click Here to learn more about catastrophic accident attorneys in Glendale, AZ and what to look for when making this selection. The injured party should always go with his or her instinct in this situation. If something doesn’t feel right when meeting with an attorney, continue looking elsewhere. Cases of this type can go on for months or years, and the client needs to feel as if they are getting the representation they need at all times. Don’t rush this process, as the right lawyer is out there; it’s simply a matter of locating him or her.

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