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What To Expect From A Bail Bond Service In Upper Marlboro, MD

Maryland defendants have the opportunity to acquire bail after their arraignment. During this process, they are charged officially with a crime and a court date is set. It is at this time that the judge specifies the full bail value. A Bail Bond Service Upper Marlboro MD could assist these defendants with the task of acquiring release from county lockup.

What Information Is Required When Contacting a Bondsman?

The bondsman needs specific information about the defendant before taking action. This begins with the name and location of the jail in which they are being held. Next, they need the full name of the defendant. If the individual acting on the defendant’s behalf isn’t aware of their full name, this information is obtainable by the bondsman. Finally, the bondsman needs the exact value of the bail.

If the bondsman is contacted before the arraignment, they could represent the defendant. They could discuss potential bail arrangements with the judge. If the defendant doesn’t have any previous convictions, the bondsman could get the defendant released in their custody without bail. When this is possible, the defendant will owe them for their services only.

Calculating the Premium Required

The average requirement for acquiring a bail bond is about ten percent of the total bail value. However, select bonding agents may charge fifteen percent. This value could fluctuate based on the nature of the crime and any flight risks associated with the accused.

What Collateral is Acceptable For Bail Bonds?

Collateral is acceptable in lieu of money to acquire a bail bond. The most acceptable forms of collateral are real property, automobiles, and stocks. The bonding agent may accept credit cards or the balance of a bank account as an opportunity to acquire the bond.

Maryland defendants gain the option to post bail by hiring a bonding agent. These agents could discuss the bail value with the judge on the defendant’s behalf. A representative taking action for the defendant could contact the bonding agent to provide collateral to secure the bond. Defendants who need to hire a Bail Bond Service Upper Marlboro MD should contact All Star Bail Bonds for more information.

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