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When You’re in Trouble with the Law, Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney in Vermont

An individual should be concerned about preserving their rights when they’ve been accused of a criminal offense. A conviction of a crime can be serious and lead to a life-changing situation. After a conviction of a crime, an individual will have a criminal record for the rest of their life. It can affect whether they can obtain or keep a job, prohibit them from seeing their children, and other devastating effects. A criminal defense attorney in Vermont can be entrusted to give the accused the peace of mind they need to feel confident they’re getting the best representation possible.

Drug Charges

As soon as an individual thinks they’re under investigation of a drug crime for possession, intent to distribute, manufacturing, or DUI, it’s important to contact an experienced defense attorney before an arrest takes place. Selling, distributing and trafficking cocaine in Vermont starts with prison terms of five years for selling and three years for delivery. The maximum penalty for drug charges is twenty years if they’re trafficking an ounce or less, and thirty years if it is more than 150 grams.


Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol could result in the loss of an individual’s license, high fines and staggering emotional turmoil, and severe consequences. A first-time offender faces a 90-day suspension or more, up to two years in prison, an evaluation by a licensed counselor, driver’s education classes, a $750 fine, and much more. When an individual repeats the offense after a conviction, the penalties become harsher, which is why it’s important to fight every charge.

Fair Trial

Although the constitution should provide an accused individual with a fair trial, the help of a criminal defense attorney in Vermont will have the experience, skill, and legal knowledge an individual will need to reduce the charges or have them completely thrown out of court. Whether an individual needs defense for a DWI, DUI, felony drug crime, homicide allegations or a sexual assault, they should always contact an attorney.

Jason J. Sawyer Attorney & Counselor At Law fights hard for all of his clients to maintain his reputation as an outstanding lawyer. When you find yourself on the wrong side of the bars, contact him immediately.

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