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Why Do Accident Victims Hire an Automobile Accidents Attorney Granite City, IL?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there was a six percent increase in automobile accidents last year, and many experts believe driver distraction is to blame. This is why many states are cracking down on cell phone usage. Unfortunately, distraction and negligence often go hand in hand, leading to serious accidents that often leave behind mass devastation. When a person becomes the victim of an accident, it is crucial they consider hiring an Automobile Accidents Attorney Granite City IL.

One of the biggest reasons injured victims hire an attorney is for the peace of mind. Fighting through the maze of paperwork and insurance adjuster demands can be daunting even for someone who has been through it before. When a person is represented by an attorney, the attorney helps them make wise decisions and protects their rights against unscrupulous insurance adjusters who would like nothing more than to deny a claim.

The Automobile Accidents Attorney Granite City IL will first investigate the accident. The investigation process is vital for ensuring the defendant will have the evidence needed for court. The statute of limitations is two years in the state of Illinois, so a lawsuit must be filed before the two-year anniversary date of the accident. Failure to file in a timely manner will result in the loss of rights.

Meeting with an Automobile Accidents Attorney Granite City IL affords an injured victim the right to learn more about their claim, such as how much it is worth. They will also learn the projected timeline of events that will occur. This gives injured victims peace of mind in knowing what to expect from the process of pursuing compensation for their injuries and damages. The goal of the attorney is to get the greatest amount of compensation available for their client.

Injured victims of automobile accidents deserve to have legal representation to protect their rights. If you would like to schedule a consultation appointment, contact the Brunton Law Offices. They will be happy to meet with you and help you determine the best legal recourse for pursuing compensation. With their help, you can receive a fair outcome.

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