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Why Having a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Villa Rica GA is Invaluable

When you or someone you know has been accused of a crime, it is important that you hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Villa Rica GA to assist you with the alleged charges. These legal professionals help to represent you in understanding your rights, accepting plea deals, or fighting your case in the court of law in front of a judge and jury. Their main priority is to fight to prove that you are not guilty of the charges you’ve been accused of.

Prep Your Case

Your criminal defense attorney will help in preparing your case. They will first schedule an initial meeting to hear your side of what happened. From there, they will begin gathering the necessary information that will prove your innocence. In gathering information, your attorney will talk to authorities, eye witnesses, reviewing the crime scene, and locating clues that will help in representing you during negotiations or trials.

Reach an Agreement

In the event that your case does not look promising, or you’ve got a lot of unnecessary charges pending against you, your criminal defense lawyer will consult with the prosecutor on your behalf. They will use criminal laws in your state to argue and negotiate the best deal possible. In cases in which the accused is actually guilty of the crime, the criminal defense lawyer can be their biggest asset in getting a lesser charge and fewer years in prison.

Fight in Court

Lastly, your Criminal Defense Lawyer in Villa Rica GA will plead your case before a judge and jury. They will utilize their knowledge of the law, materials they’ve collected in regards to your case, and the testimony of eyewitnesses, experts, and other individuals to try and prove your innocence beyond a reasonable doubt.

Don’t just allow your case to be worked on by a public defender who has general knowledge of the laws in your state. Hire a criminal defense lawyer that has your best interest at heart, and is willing to go to bat to prove your innocence.


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