You Cannot Afford Not to Buy Home Title Insurance in Onsted, MI

by | Apr 13, 2018 | Lawyer

Probably the best way to ensure that your home purchase is secure is to take out a policy on the home’s title. Taking out the protection safeguards you from risks that you may have not known existed. You should even take out a policy for a newly built home. Doing so will safeguard you from any claims made on the land.

Therefore, you simply cannot buy any property without purchasing home title insurance in Onsted, MI. By making such a purchase, you can ensure ownership of your property. Otherwise, you could be surprised by an unexpected lien or claim, or even fraud, on the real estate. Again, those kinds of risks can be completely averted when you purchase title insurance.

Researching the Title – Why it Is Required

Homeowners who are careful about their investments know the value of home title insurance. When you work with a title agency, title professionals will research the title to the property you plan to purchase. If you want to avoid any future title issues, this type of service is a necessity.

Get the Representation You Need When You Need It

By aligning yourself with a home title insurance provider and agency, you can also gain assistance in case a future claim does emerge. The agency will represent you and manage the claim on your behalf.

You Only Need to Pay a One-Time Fee

The financial investment that is made in home title insurance is a one-time fee. Therefore, you do not have to pay a yearly premium. You just need to make one payment, one time only. If a property has had a number of owners, you will find that this type of policy can be highly beneficial.

Who to Contact in the Title Industry

Do you want to substantially reduce the risks when purchasing real estate? If so, partner with the title leader in the industry. Contact Prestige Title Insurance Agency today at 517-264-6040. You can connect with them on Facebook for more information!

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