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How Immediate Action Helps and Accident Injury Attorney in Dayton OH

Attorneys who have access to the facts of an accident as soon as possible can better prepare a strong case. It is possible to prepare a case after some time has passed, so do not hesitate to contact an Accident Injury Attorney in Dayton OH even after several months have passed. What seemed like a random accident at the time can raise questions in retrospect.

Gathering Evidence

An injury due to an accident may have several components involved. If the accident was on a roadway, getting pictures of the surroundings and measurements of any skid marks is extremely helpful to the attorney. That information cannot be collected in a few months. Seasons change, construction happens, and the location may look entirely different than when the accident took place.

It is also easier to get accurate details from witnesses while the accident is fresh in their minds. Details will be very hazy months after the incident. Tracking down a witness who has relocated complicates the evidence gathering process. It also delays getting all the information needed if the case goes to court.

Determining Negligence

The Accident Injury Attorney in Dayton OH will need time to examine the evidence and determine which party was negligent. In the case of a slip and fall injury outside a business, for example, negligence may be on the part of the town, the property owner, or the construction company hired to repair the sidewalk. Understanding where the negligence originated is crucial for an attorney to provide representation to the client.

Settling Out of Court

A high percentage of accident injury lawsuits are settled without a trial. That works well for both sides as it saves time, stress, and expenses. One of the main reason cases get settled is because the attorney has presented a strong and precise case to the attorneys of the negligent party. If there is a chance of losing in court, most business owners, municipalities, or large corporations will choose to settle.

Having as much information and detail as possible is also essential if the case does go to court. If an accident has resulted in an injury, do not hesitate to visit Thorson Switala Mondock & Snead LLP for a free consultation.

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