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Tips from a Car Accident Lawyer in Harford County, MD

A car accident lawyer in Harford County, MD will work to help victims of accidents and negligence recover their losses. Those in an auto accident can have severe losses, so it is always a good idea to have someone working to keep the law on your side. Here are some steps to follow after a car accident.

Careful with What You Said

When the time comes to go to court, one of the most important things in judging a personal injury claim is determining who is at fault. Those who admit fault during the process, even if just taking partial blame, could be handing over a victory to the other party. So, at the scene of the accident or later on, do not apologize or suggest anything that might have been caused by your own actions.

Medical Attention

After an accident, even if there are no obvious injuries, it is still a good idea to get medical attention. This will cut down on the chances of complications developing later. This also allows for the proper documentation of the injuries as well as the costs involved in the treatment. Be sure to keep detailed records of any visits to physicians or the hospital that relate to the accident.

Cooperate with Your Insurance Company

Be sure to report the claim to the insurance company and follow the claims process they require. This will also give additional documentation and records to show the damages in court.

Statements to the Other Driver

If the other driver or their insurance company asks for a statement, either written or recorded, don’t agree without speaking with a car accident lawyer in Harford County, MD first. An experienced attorney in personal injury can advise which statements are likely to cause a problem later and which are okay.

Get an Attorney

Those that have been involved in an accident and haven’t obtained legal representation should take the time to do so now. In many cases, an attorney can help ensure that damages are recovered and their client doesn’t get stuck with the other driver’s expenses too.

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