Adoption Attorney in Washington Indiana: Types of Adoption

by | Jun 30, 2014 | Lawyer

Adoption is important since it not only gives some people an opportunity of being called parents, but it also ensures that a child gets a home. A child who has found good parents to adopt him faces many challenges in life without fear because they feel protected. Adopting not only helps the parents and the child but it also assists the state in taking care of the children. If you are a potential adopting parent, talk to an adoption attorney in Washington Indiana so that he can enlighten you on some common types of adoption.

Domestic adoption

In domestic adoption, you adopt a child from their birth parents living in your state. This kind of adoption enables one to get a detailed background of the child. The adopting parents can decide to make it an open adoption where they keep contact with the birth parents. However, if the adoption is not an open one, the child can still easily locate their parents in the future.

Inter-county adoption

This type of adoption qualifies those children who have lost both their parents, those who were abandoned by the parents, those raised by children’s orphanages and facilities or those whose parents are totally incapable of raising them. Finding information about a child adopted through inter-county is difficult, and it depends on the country’s laws on adoption. The information is not easily given out even to the adopting parents. Children adopted through this method, especially older ones, should be handled well because a lot of noticeable changes take place in their lives like changing culture, food, surroundings etc.

Inter-country adoption

Inter-country adoption is similar to domestic adoption since in both cases, parental rights are transferred from birth parents to adopting parents. The difference is that the countries where the adopting parents plus the birth parents and their child come from are different. One takes a child from another country and following the legal process involved, takes them to their country of residence and lives with them permanently.

Through adoption, many children can get a place to call home and people to call family. With the help from an Adoption attorney in Washington Indiana, the adoption process can actually be easy. For more information, visit Feavel Law Office.



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