Social Security Lawyers Can Help You Win Benefits, Find Them in Chicago

by | Aug 24, 2018 | Lawyer

Social Security falls under the auspices of the US Federal Government. Social Security provides cash benefits for those who have retired.  It also provides benefits to people who are suffering from a disability and have yet to reach retirement age.

Rarely do retirees in Chicago have a problem when preparing their claim for benefits. All the evidence that is necessary to support their claim is on record. The same cannot be said for those people that are claiming Social Security disability benefits. There is no evidence on record, and the claims process is complex. Approximately 75 percent of all applicants for disability benefits have their claim denied. It is this group of people who can benefit from hiring seasoned Social Security lawyers.

What is the Claims Process?

On the surface, the claim process looks straightforward. Many people who experience difficulty understanding the application approach their local Social Security office for assistance and guidance. The problems start if, after review, there does not appear to be merit to the application. Once the application has been denied, and most are if you wish to pursue the claim you are faced with a difficult appeals process. It is at this time you should hire skilled and knowledgeable lawyers.

What Is the Appeals Process?

There are multiple stages to the appeals process. The first stage is straightforward. You simply ask that the initial decision to refuse benefits is reconsidered and overturned. Periodically this works, but in the majority of cases; as nothing has changed, the claim is once again denied.
The majority of claims that were at first refused are won during the hearing stage. It is at this stage where you and your lawyers get an opportunity to meet with an Administrative Law Judge. During the hearing, new substantiating evidence can be presented, and you can even present testimony from expert witnesses.

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