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Don’t Settle A Personal Injury Claim Without Speaking To An Automobile Accident Lawyer

After an automobile accident, an insurance company representing a negligent party will make every attempt to settle with an injured individual. Don’t settle with any insurance company without first speaking to an automobile accident lawyer; agreeing to a settlement too early in a case can leave an injured person without any option to obtain future medical bills or lost wages from the injury they received. Reviewing the case with an attorney gives an individual the opportunity to determine if the amount that was offered is what they are legally entitled to for their injuries.

When injuries are very serious, the insurance company will be very interested in settling as quickly as possible to limit their liability and payout on the case. An automobile accident lawyer can estimate what the injuries should receive based off of a calculation of medical bills, lost wages, loss of enjoyment in life and other variables. When an individual has a permanent injury such as a broken bone or permanent scarring, the settlement payout will be much higher than for a soft tissue injury such as whiplash. In cases where an individual has lost their life as a result of injuries received from an accident, an attorney can file a wrongful death suit against the negligent individual.

Automobile accidents can bring months or years of treatment for injuries that are received. Head injuries that resulted in brain damage should be carefully documented by family and friends of the individual suffering from brain damage. These detailed notes assist in determining to what extent the damage is affecting their life. An attorney may also recommend tests to assist in proving a case for a brain injury victim. Injuries that are permanent in nature could result in the individual never working again, and the loss of wages and the pain and suffering they must go through needs to be financially compensated by the guilty party.

There’s no reason to fight the pain and calls from the insurance company an experienced firm like Edwards & Bullard Law can fight for you. They prefer an individual recover from their injuries and focus on recovering, so they will fight the insurance company and take care of all of the necessary paperwork during this trying time. You can olso connect them on Facebook!

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