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Fighting A Minor DUI Charge With Criminal Lawyers In Fort Benning, GA

The state of Georgia has zero tolerance for underage drivers who choose to drive while intoxicated. Under these zero tolerance laws, the court assigns penalties based on the driver’s age. These penalties include administrative and criminal fees along with a required alcohol and drug risk program.

What is the Legal Limit for Minors?

Any driver under the age of twenty-one with a blood-alcohol content reading of 0.02 percent is guilty of DUI. Law enforcement may require a breathalyzer test during a routine traffic stop or while utilizing checkpoints. The driver must comply with these requirements under the implied consent laws. Any minors who are charged with a DUI should contact Criminal Lawyers In Fort Benning, GA immediately.

For Drivers Who are Younger than 16

A first offense incurs a driver’s license suspension until the driver reaches seventeen years of age and a $210 fine. A second offense requires a suspension until age eighteen and a $310 fine. A third conviction also results in a driver’s license suspension until age 18 and an increased fine of $410.

For Drivers Who are Between Sixteen and Twenty

A first offense for drivers between sixteen and twenty is a suspension up to one year and a fine of $210. A second offense results in a license suspension of eighteen months and a fine of $310. A third conviction results in a five-year license suspension and a fine of $410. All drivers in this age group complete an evaluation and treatment program. They are also required to install an ignition interlocking device after a second conviction.

If an Accident Occurs

The state of Georgia reserves the right to revoke the driver’s license of minor offenders after an accident. The severity of the victim’s injuries could lead to additional criminal penalties. Minors with multiple DUI convictions are most likely to lose their license until eighteen years of age or older.

The state of Georgia has strict laws that punish minors for drunk driving. Their zero tolerance laws allow law enforcement to arrest the minor if they refuse to submit to testing. They could also incur further suspensions with a refusal. To acquire legal representation, contact Criminal Lawyers in Fort Benning GA by visiting website now.

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