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Stop Foreclosure with an Attorney in Lawrence, KS.

People fall behind on their bills for a variety of reasons: medical complications, loss of their job, and misuse of available credit can leave a person in more debt than they can handle. When this happens, they may fall behind on their mortgage and they may be facing a foreclosure. Though many people believe there isn’t any hope once the foreclosure process is started, the person should contact an attorney in Lawrence, KS.

Even though bankruptcy is seen as a last resort to help a person get their finances back on track, it is one way to stop a foreclosure. By the time foreclosure is threatened it may the moment to take this measure to protect the person’s home. As soon as they hire an attorney in Lawrence, KS, foreclosure and repossession proceedings are going to be halted. They can, however, start again if the person decides not to file for bankruptcy or does not complete the terms of the bankruptcy.

The lawyer can field all calls from debt collectors, explain the different chapters of bankruptcy, how they may affect the person’s case and help determine which is going to be better for their situation. Once the bankruptcy is filed, the lawyer will do everything they can to help their client fulfill its terms and ensure it’s successful. They can explain the entire process, so the person understands what is happening and how it’s going to impact their ability to keep their home, car and their future.

Foreclosure doesn’t mean the person is going to lose their home right away, it means that if action is not taken immediately the person will lose their home. The person has one last chance to hire a lawyer like Joe Wittman and file for bankruptcy. If you have just found out that you are behind enough for the foreclosure to be imminent, contact us as soon as possible; we can help you file for bankruptcy so you can get your finances back on track and keep your home.

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