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A Personal Injury Law Firm in Harford County MD May Handle Vaccination Injury Claims

A Personal Injury Law Firm in Harford County MD may handle certain types of medical malpractice cases. Usually, these cases focus on the incompetence or negligence of healthcare providers, but the lawyers may represent clients in other types of cases. For instance, parents of a young child may look for legal help if they believe their child was harmed by a vaccination.


Although many U.S. residents are unaware of this, the country has an official fund known as the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, or VICP. People can find out more about the program from a Personal Injury Law Firm in Harford County MD that represents clients in malpractice cases. If attorneys at this firm do not manage VICP claims, they can refer these individuals to a qualified lawyer who does.

Vaccine injury claims are reviewed by a federal court that focuses only on these cases. These are classified as no-fault claims because the injury did not occur because of incompetence or negligence on the part of the provider. Manufacturers are not sued because the vaccines have been proven to be safe for an enormous majority of the population.

Filing a claim can be a complicated process, so plaintiffs should work with a firm such as The Law Offices of Markey & Orsi to make sure everything is completed properly. See for details on this particular organization.

Case Evaluation

The court justices evaluate the evidence to decide whether there is a high probability that the vaccination did indeed cause the injury. They most commonly see cases involving allergic reactions. Allergic reactions to vaccinations are extremely rare, but they do occur on occasion.

Because this reaction is immediate, connecting the occurrence with the shot is relatively easy compared with problems that families notice much later and associate with the vaccine. In addition, some potential risks are known while others have never been validated. For instance, researchers have found a connection between Guillian-Barre syndrome and flu shots.

In contrast, research does not support the widespread theory that vaccines can cause autism. Petitions to this court for compensation regarding autism repeatedly fail. Lawyers are unlikely to accept these cases.

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