Two Common Types of Projects for a Wills Lawyer in Nassau County NY

by | Aug 10, 2018 | Lawyers

Dying without a will, a condition known as being intestate, will always make things more difficult and painful for the deceased person’s loved ones. By working with a Wills Lawyer Nassau County NY, residents can be sure of sparing family members and others the troubles that would otherwise accompany such an unfortunate event. Lawyers at firms like the The Law Offices of Peter Morra are always ready to help clients quickly and easily draw up wills that will suit their needs perfectly.

Two Most Common Types of Wills, Each with a Particular Purpose

While any given will can cover a wide range of arrangements and directives, most fall into one of two general categories. By arranging a simple consultation with a Wills Lawyer Nassau County NY locals can learn about the options and when each might be most appropriate. Most of the wills that are drafted in the area each year will be of one of the following basic kinds.

  • Simple.
  • The single most common reason to have a will drawn up is to be sure that a person’s assets will be distributed as desired upon their passing. The simplest wills of all specify how an estate should be divided and assigned without mentioning any other conditions or arrangements. While it will often be prudent to attempt to take an accurate inventory of a person’s assets before proceeding with the drafting, most such wills end up being straightforward to create. In fact, even a few hours spent thinking about the details will quite often end up being more than sufficient.
  • Trusts.
  • In some cases, an individual will wish to be sure that assets will not be given directly and without conditions to someone who might be financially immature. In others, trusts can be used to protect assets that might otherwise end up in the hands of creditors. As an elaboration upon the simplest type of will, those that include the formation of trusts involve additional complexity but also more flexibility and power.

Time and Effort Always Well Spent

Some people in the area each year pass away while intestate, but that is always better avoided. In a surprisingly short amount of time, a local lawyer will often be able to draw up a will that suits a resident’s needs well. Click here for more information.

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