Frequently Asked Questions About a 24-Hour Bail Service in Milford, CT

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Bail Bonds Service

Many people who find they are in need of a 24-hour bail service in Milford, CT have questions as they have never used a service of this type before. This is understandable, as the bail bond process can be confusing. Following are some questions that are commonly asked.

What Is the Fee Charged by the Bail Service?

Every state has statutes and regulations regarding bail agent fees. Some states cap the amount at eight percent of the bail bond total, and others allow a fee of ten percent. As a result, anyone requesting a bail bond must know what the fees are in the state where the agency is located. When a company offers to discount their fee, individuals need to be wary. When an agent agrees to do so, they are at risk of losing this license. However, some agents try this to bring the client in and then charge the full amount. Discuss fees before any money changes hands.

Why Type of Collateral Does the Bail Service Accept?

Money isn’t the only form of collateral accepted by bail services. A person’s bank account may be used to back the bond or their credit. Real estate and vehicles are commonly used for this purpose, and a person may put the money on their credit card. Jewelry has been permitted to secure a bond, and the same is true of stocks and bonds. The best way to determine which forms of collateral a bond service will accept is to ask.

Will Any Fees Paid to the Bail Service Be Returned?

In the majority of cases, any premium paid to the bond agent is not returned. This is the fee charged to secure the defendant’s release, and the bail agent earns this fee when the release has been carried out. In the event the defendant is rearrested, the premium isn’t returned. He or she was released as agreed, and a new bond may be issued. The process must begin anew if this occurs. However, if the bail agent does not secure the release of the defendant for some reason, all or part of this money should be refunded.

Feel Free to contact aces Bail Bonds with any additional questions about a 24-hour bail service in Milford, CT. This company will answer these questions and ensure you understand the process. You are not alone, so don’t hesitate to ask for help.

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