Frequently Asked Questions Directed At An Injury Lawyer In Oro Valley

by | Nov 29, 2016 | Accident & Personal Injury Lawyer

In Arizona, a product’s liability is produced when consumers sustain injuries while using products. The severity of the injury is based on the risks associated with the product itself. How the product performs under certain conditions could create these injuries. The following are frequently asked questions directed at an injury lawyer in Oro Valley.

What Happens If the Victim Didn’t Follow the Directions?

All products must present explicit instructions for use. These instructions prevent the possibilities of an injury. Any consumer who doesn’t follow the instructions and become injured may not have a viable case. The instructions lower the potential for a liability by telling the consumer how to avoid injuries.

Why are Warning Labels Needed?

Under consumer rights laws, all manufacturers who are aware of a risk must affix warning labels on their products. These labels must present conditions that could lead to an injury. They must also identify what injuries are possible during the use of their product. They labels must also include a narrative about what to do if any of these conditions occur. If the product doesn’t possess these labels, the manufacturer is liable for any injuries produced.

Where Do Consumers Report Faulty Products?

They file a report with the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. This federal agency has a legal authority over all products released to the public. They start an investigation if consumers sustain similar injuries when using the product. If the issue becomes widespread, they issue a recall for the product and have it removed from stores and distributors. During a recall, the manufacturer must comply with the orders of this agency. Typically, they must provide a refund or fix the product. They must also provide compensation for all victims who sustained injuries. In some cases, a class-action lawsuit is filed.

In Arizona, manufacturers face product’s liabilities if they release a faulty product, and consumers become injured. These liabilities are based on the severity level of the victim’s injuries. If a class-action lawsuit occurs, victims are placed in groups based on these severity levels. Victims who need help for a product’s liability contact an injury lawyer in Oro Valley through

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