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Reviewing the Law with a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Gonzales, LA

In Louisiana, bicycle accidents are often caused by a failure to comply with traffic laws. The riders sustain injuries when motorists cannot see them due to blind spots. The accidents also occur due to reckless driving and speeding. A bicycle accident attorney in Gonzales, LA reviews details about the accidents with victims who are filing a claim.

How Does Comparative Fault Apply?

The bicycle rider must travel in bicycle lanes when available or travel with the flow of traffic. If the rider enters unlawful areas of the road, they are at fault for the accident and their injuries. Bicyclists are required to wear helmets if they are under twelve. Any failure to comply with the laws introduces comparative fault and lowers the victim’s monetary award.

Can Bicyclist Receive a DUI?

Yes, the state laws prohibit bicycle riders from entering roadways if they are intoxicated. The state charges the rider according to their blood-alcohol content readings. The penalties are based on the total number of DUIs on the victim’s criminal record. The penalties include driver’s license suspensions, jail sentences and fines. Intoxication prevents the bicycle rider from seeking any damages for their injuries.

What Is Louisiana State Code 32:201?

The state statute defines laws that prohibit the harassment of bicycle riders on the road. Motorists are prohibited from throwing objects at the bicycle riders at any time. These offenses incur misdemeanor charges. If a motorist causes an accident while violating the statute, the motorist is liable for any injuries sustained by the bicycle rider.

Is a Bicycle Deemed a Vehicle?

Yes, the state of Louisiana deems all bicycles as vehicles. The state codes give bicycle riders the same rights as motorists on the road. However, the bicyclists follow all traffic laws just as motorists or must face penalties.

In Louisiana, bicycle accidents lead to serious injuries based on the speed at which motorists travel. Bicycle riders and motorists must follow all applicable laws to prevent accidents. An accident claim is denied when the bicyclist is guilty of a DUI or fails to follow traffic laws. Victims who need further clarification can contact a bicycle accident attorney in Gonzales, LA and get legal representation right now.

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