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Scaffolding Accidents Require the Immediate Help of an Attorney Experienced in Construction Accidents

If you have been injured in an accident involving or because of scaffolding, then you need to get an attorney immediately who is familiar with construction accidents. Laws are in place to protect you from undue risk and to provide you with just compensation when you have been injured on a construction job involving scaffolding.

Scaffolding Accidents can leave you with significant internal and external injuries. You are suffering in pain and you are worried about your lost income and your families welfare. It can be overwhelming, but an experienced attorney can take many burdens off of your shoulders. The Law Offices Of Elan Wurtzel PC has this attorney.

Contractors insurance companies are notorious for trying to get potential plaintiffs to settle for a paltry sum of money. They can offer many reasons why you should accept their offer, and it can be intimidating. However, never talk to anyone but your attorney and refer all questions from anyone to your attorney. You do not want to say anything regardless of how innocent you think the remarks might be. Just tell anyone wanting information to leave and call your attorney.

He will fight for you with aggressiveness and he will not back off until he gets everything you have coming. He will start to build the case by taking pictures of the accident scene and interviewing witnesses. He will want to know your condition immediately after the accident, and he will want to know what the ER Team found upon your arrival at the hospital.

Your attorney will investigate the construction company to determine if they have had Scaffolding Accidents or any accidents due to negligence. This will be valuable information to have.

He may have an expert medical doctor look at your x-rays, medical records and you to provide an expert opinion of your injuries. This will be helpful to you, and it certainly may be helpful to your attorney in formulating a settlement document to present to the insurance company.

Your attorney will constantly follow your progress and he will begin to develop a settlement proposal. When he believes the timing is right, he will present it to the insurance company. If they reject it, then there is no doubt your attorney will become an aggressive fighter for you in court.



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