Understanding How Some Insurance Companies Operate in Regard to Motorcycle Accidents in Honolulu

by | Dec 28, 2017 | Accident Attorney

In regard to automotive insurance, Hawaii is a no-fault state. Even if another driver caused an accident, an injured person’s own automotive insurance pays for property damage, medical expenses and lost wages. This is intended to make things easier for people who need to make claims since they aren’t attempting to acquire money from someone else’s insurance policy. However, after car and motorcycle accidents in Honolulu, the person’s own insurer sometimes is not very cooperative about paying a reasonable amount.

The Actions of Other Drivers

Even the most careful motorcycle rider may not be able to avoid a collision at some point. Drivers of passenger vehicles may pull out of a driveway or side road in front of the motorcycle, not having seen it approaching. Drivers make left turns in front of an oncoming motorcycle, apparently not paying enough attention. These actions can cause serious motorcycle accidents in Honolulu.

Low Settlement Offers

Having legal representation from an organization such as Yoshida & Associates becomes important when the injured person feels the insurance company is not offering a fair amount of compensation. Adjusters are trained to keep settlements as low as possible, which is advantageous for the insurer. They may begin with a low offer and respond to a counteroffer with only a slightly higher amount than the original.

Insurer Techniques

Insurance company representatives use techniques like asking for prior medical records and looking for pre-existing conditions that could account for any of the person’s current physical problems. Even an appointment with a chiropractor a year before could trip up the injury claim. Often, a lawyer is necessary to help the person understand what types of medical evidence are needed to convince the insurer to pay a fair amount.

Understanding Why This Happens

A policyholder can almost feel betrayed when the insurer is unwilling to pay for all the expenses associated with a motorcycle accident. It’s important to understand that big corporations can operate somewhat like machines. They have a large volume of claims and they naturally want to keep payouts as low as they can. For assistance negotiating with an automotive insurance company on a motorcycle claim, visit Autoaccidentattorneyhonolulu.com.

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