Understanding Premises Liability

by | Dec 23, 2015 | Law

If your injury was caused from negligence on the part of a property owner, you have a right to file an injury claim. You can do this with the help of your local slip and fall accident attorney Iowa City, IA office. Here you can go to receive legal counseling about your rights as well as to find out whether or not your case will hold up in court. Once you agree to hire the attorney, they will work on your behalf to ensure you get the best results in your injury claim.

Where The Injury Takes Place

In a premises liability case, there needs to be proof that the injury was due to negligence. A specialized slip and fall accident attorney Iowa City, IA professional who handles slip and fall cases understands how to go about proving negligence. They will provide the comprehensive legal representation that is needed to ensure a successful outcome. When it comes to premises liability, the injury could have occurred indoors or directly outside of the property as well as anywhere on the property. Certain conditions such as snow and ice are more liable to cause slips. If you have fallen because of these types of conditions, you may still have a case since the property owner is responsible for keeping the area clean and safe.

Proving your case

You need to be able to prove your case and firstly your slip and fall accident attorney Iowa City, IA professional will need to make sure your case is viable. If it is, they will need evidence to back up the claim. They can get this evidence from eyewitnesses, police reports, and other sources. They can also take pictures of the property where the injury occurred in order to demonstrate that the premises was unsafe. If your case can be proven in court, you can receive compensation.

Getting the compensation you are owed

After your case is proven viable, the jury will decide whether or not to award compensation and in what amount. It is up to your slip and fall accident attorney Iowa City, IA professional to fight aggressively for your right to receive as much compensation as possible. They will ensure you are fairly awarded and that your compensation is paid out on time.

After a slip and fall, you need experienced attorneys working hard for you. At Currie & Liabo Law Firm, you can get the help you need from dedicated lawyers.

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