What to Ask a Social Security Disability Attorney

by | May 24, 2018 | Social Security Disability

In Oklahoma, the terms and provisions associated with Social Security Disability benefits define what is allowed and what could lead to a loss of the monthly payments. The laws define what the Social Security Administration has the authority to do in terms of reducing or denying benefits. A Social Security Disability attorney could provide answers to frequently asked questions.

Are the Income Allowances Higher If the Claimant Is Married?

Yes, the income allowances for claimants who are married are higher than those for single people. However, the household income cannot exceed the maximum allowance. The benefits are reduced according to the total value over the maximum income allowances.

Can Workers Increase Their SSDI Benefits?

Workers have the opportunity to increase their total Social Security Disability Insurance as long as they continue working. The benefits increase at a predetermined rate for each year that the workers complete. The claimants are not able to increase the SSDI benefits once they are declared disabled and quit working.

Does the Social Security Administration Evaluate a Claimant’s Bank Accounts?

Yes, initially, the bank account balance is evaluated during the application process. The bank account is monitored periodically to detect any unreported income increases. For this reason, claimants must become familiar with which funds are not classified as taxable income. All taxable income is reported to the SSA only. For example, if the SSA reduces the benefits due to a balance that reflects a parent’s income tax refund, the SSA is in the wrong. Income tax refunds are not taxable income.

Can the Agency Adjust or Stop the Claimant’s Benefits?

Yes, the agency has the legal right to adjust the claimant’s benefits at any time. However, the agency must have a justified reason for the reduction. The claimant’s household income must be over the allowances, or the claimant failed to report vital information.

In Oklahoma, the guidelines for Social Security Disability determine which claimants are allowed higher incomes and when benefits reductions are permitted. The laws define what is and isn’t taxable income and how the Social Security Administration monitors income. Claimants who have legal questions or just need help can contact a Social Security Disability attorney by visiting Sslcnow.com now.

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