A DWI Law Attorney in Federal Way, WA Can Help Clients When Entering a Guilty Plea

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Law

If a person plans to enter a guilty plea for a DWI, they receive a form from their DWI law attorney in Federal Way, WA that waives their constitutional rights to a jury trial, to remain silent, and to witness cross-examination. Disclosures detail possible punishments and their consequences. The form is given to ensure that clients cannot later contest the conviction based on lack of information of their legal rights.

Conviction upon Plea Entry

Once a person enters a guilty plea, they are convicted of DWI. Sometimes, those who enter guilty pleas do not understand this fact and they later deny being convicted. When a person is convicted, the law makes it difficult to withdraw the plea. If a person does not have a lawyer, or if they are facing pressure from a public defender, they should ask an attorney to evaluate the case and make recommendations.

A Conviction’s Consequences

DWI carries severe consequences in the state of Washington; it is a misdemeanor, but clients may receive up to six months’ jail time and steep fines. Sentences for first-time DWIs without injuries are typically lighter, but there is no minimum sentence. A driver convicted of DWI can lose their license for up to a year and they may have to install an interlock device.

Prior Convictions

Those with prior DWI convictions face much harsher penalties. A client of Woods Law Office, PLLC with a low BAC, or one whose sobriety test results did not indicate severe impairment will typically receive a lighter sentence. However, if the person’s BAC was high, or their behavior carried the risk of injury, they will receive a heavier sentence.

A DWI in Washington State means that the driver will have to go to DWI school. When a person is convicted, they will receive higher fines and longer sentences for subsequent DWIs. In any case, proper legal representation is important, but avoidance of a second offense is critical. By fulfilling education requirements and by hiring a DWI law attorney in Federal Way, WA, clients can get through the time after an offense more easily.

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