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A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help Clients Recover from Their Injuries

Motorcycles are defined as vehicles with a driver’s seat or saddle, and they can have three wheels or less. In some areas, mopeds are considered motorcycles. Quads and motorized bicycles aren’t included in the definition of the term. Injuries in motorcycle accidents can be anything from very minor to life-threatening, depending on the nature of the accident. Common causes of accidents include head-on collisions, lane splitting, road debris and left-turn accidents.

Can Motorcycle Accidents Cause Head Injuries?
Head injuries are quite common in motorcycle accidents, especially for riders who do not wear helmets and can suffer concussions, skull fractures and brain swelling, all of which can be deadly. Neck injuries are also quite common, and they can easily lead to death or paralysis. If a person dies or sustains a severe head injury in an accident, a motorcycle accident attorney can help them or their families obtain compensation.

Road Rash
When a rider slides across the surface of the road or skids across concrete after an accident, road rash can occur. If skin is exposed, it can be severely damaged, with injuries ranging from minor scrapes to severe irritation, infection and nerve damage.

Muscle Damage in a Motorcycle Accident
During these accidents, the muscles of any part of the body can be damaged. Severe crashes often result in nerve damage, which can cause paralysis. Muscle damage can include the injury referred to as a “biker’s arm”, which occurs after the rider lands on that particular appendage: during a crash, a person may instinctively draw in their arms to lessen the severity of an impact, but permanent nerve damage can result.

Can Leg Injuries Happen in a Motorcycle Accident?
Leg injuries can include any damage to the knee, ankle or foot. Although these injuries are rarely fatal, they can cause permanent disability. Shattered and broken bones and kneecaps are quite common, and minor injuries often include road rash, bruises, scrapes and lacerations.

Should an Injured Rider Call a Lawyer After an Accident?
A rider may not be responsible for the accident that led to his or her injuries; another driver or even a pedestrian can share the blame. A motorcycle accident attorney with can help an injured rider get compensation for medical bills, lost wages and property damage.

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