Solidify Verbal Agreements through Court Orders with the Help of a Divorce Lawyer in Kendallville, IN

by | Nov 25, 2015 | Lawyers

Four simple words hold the power to completely alter the lives of everyone they affect, and they’re becoming more prominent with each passing year. “I want a divorce.” It’s such a simple utterance in its blatant succinctness, but within this statement lies unending complexities. Though the question of why typically springs to the forefront of the minds of those on the receiving end of the issue, what comes next is, perhaps, the bigger consideration. These elements require the assistance of an experienced Divorce Lawyer in Kendallville IN.

Trust in a former partner should never enter the realms of a divorce regardless of the surrounding circumstances. While this may sound cynical, it’s more a matter of practicality. Countless arrangements regarding custody, child and spousal support, division of assets and other factors have been made without the intervention of legal counsel only to be broken. Although this may not happen immediately, it’s virtually inevitable at some point.

A number of parents have verbally agreed to custodial and visitation rights. In many cases, this scenario ends in a horror story of the non-custodial parent simply packing up and leaving the state with the children during a typical visitation. Without solid court orders to prove this shouldn’t have happened, returning the children to their rightful caretaker could require a lengthy courtroom battle; not to mention, the children and parents whose rights were violated face unending emotional trauma.

The same is true of monetary matters. Plenty of non-custodial parents readily agree to furnish a certain amount of child or spousal support, along with health insurance, to their children and former spouses, providing the court doesn’t become involved. Few actually follow through with their promises. If no court order is in place to substantiate those payments, they don’t legally exist. Being backed by a Divorce Lawyer in Kendallville IN can help reduce the likelihood of either of these situations occurring, and in the event they do, the ensuing fight to correct them could be far less drawn out and painful.

Even with specified court orders in place, circumstances tend to change. Children’s needs grow, parents’ employment situations evolve and the cost of living has a way of increasing, leading to the need for ongoing legal support. Visit us to schedule a consultation to discuss solidifying all these matters before they have a chance to take a turn for the worse. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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