What Can You Expect from Hiring a Brain Injury Lawyer?

by | Nov 25, 2015 | Lawyers

Unfortunately, traumatic brain injuries are more common than most people think: it is estimated around 1.4 million Americans suffer from brain injuries each year. Traumatic brain injuries cause issues with comprehension, emotions and behaviours. Those who suffer from brain injuries are more prone to develop diseases of the brain such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease, and often, they are disabled for life. People who have been seriously injured through no fault of their own should consider hiring a brain injury lawyer.

When an injured person first meets with their lawyer they should be prepared to provide as much information as possible regarding the injury and how it occurred. A person who is injured by another person has the right to file a personal injury lawsuit. This lawsuit is a tort case which is tried in civil court and it can be filed regardless of any criminal charge case that is pending or has been tried.

A brain injury lawyer will work on behalf of an injured person to make sure they receive the medical care they need. Brain injuries require extensive and ongoing medical care, and when a person does not have medical insurance, it can be especially difficult for them to receive the medical care their condition requires. The lawyer will work with the medical professionals to make sure care is given.

Many brain injury cases end up in litigation simply because insurance companies are rarely willing to offer the full compensation benefits a person is entitled to. Unfortunately, the process for pursuing compensation can take years, depending on the issues surrounding the case.

When one hires a lawyer, they have two options: clients can choose to pay their lawyer by the hour or through contingency. Since these types of personal injury cases take so long to settle, many people hire on contingency. If the case is not won, the injured person is not required to pay, and if they win, they will owe their attorney the portion that was agreed upon in the retainer agreement.

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