A Personal Injury Law Firm in North Las Vegas Can Help Teen Drivers, Too

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Lawyer

Teen drivers cause more accidents than any other age group, as a Personal Injury Law Firm in North Las Vegas may tell clients. For this and other reasons, parents worry every time their child takes the keys. However, there are things parents can do to keep their teens safe and put themselves at ease.

Set the Right Example

While teens are riding as passengers, parents should do what they can to model good driving habits. This can include wearing a seatbelt, using turn signals, avoiding tailgating, and not using a cell phone while driving.

Go Over Safety Tips

It is important for parents to have an open discussion with their teen drivers about safety. Take time to teach them proper procedures, including:

* When to turn on headlights
* Defensive driving
* Proper following distance
* Following the speed limit
* Avoiding distractions

Be the Co-Pilot

Riding with teens during the learning phase is a good educational tool, which is why it’s mandatory when a teen driver has his or her learner’s permit. Use these trips to allow them to practice on different roads at varying speeds, and show them how to handle the various hazards they may encounter.

Avoid Phone Use

Driving while on the phone is almost as dangerous as driving drunk, and it’s important for new drivers to understand the risks of texting or talking while driving. Encourage them to turn their phones off or put them in an inaccessible place while driving.

Maintain the Car Well

Parents should provide frequent maintenance on the cars their teens drive. This means checking tire pressure, fluid levels, brake condition, and oil quality. Providing a teen driver with a reliable, safe car can give parents additional peace of mind. Choose cars with features such as ABS, side and front airbags, and the similar safety features.

Use Technology

Modern tech offers parents a few ways to ensure teen drivers’ safety. Features vary, but they may include:

* Muting phone notifications and calls until the destination is reached
* Alerts if the teen speeds or is in an unapproved area
* Monitoring of braking, acceleration, and other behaviors

In some cases, these alerts can be used to get lower insurance rates, and parents are increasingly taking advantage of them.

If a teen is in an accident, regardless of fault, a Personal Injury Law Firm in North Las Vegas can provide help and protect the teen’s rights. Call or visit website today to schedule a consultation.

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