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Ace Legal Representatives for Family Law Practice Areas Concerning Divorce and Prenuptials

Divorce is thought to be the most stressful family ordeal to go through, next to the loss of a loved one. Some divorcees experience a bitter contentious divorce, and others feel it can be done in a concordant way. Those who think their divorce can end without incident may be able to get things done with collaborative divorce. Family law practice areas of collaborative divorce use legal representatives who can intercede and help both parties come to a mutual agreement concerning the terms of divorce. There are two attorneys involved assisting each spouse. After everyone has come to an agreement, a contract is signed, and the stipulations of the divorce are final.

Sometimes there are major changes in circumstances that call for modifications in a divorce. Necessary modifications can be made in the process of divorce and after. Financial obligations can change, like a new child. If a former spouse is paying child support or alimony, those payments may need to be modified if another child must be supported. If the income of a child support or alimony obliger has been reduced, the proper modifications should be made. A non-custodial parent may feel their child visitation rights are limited and should be granted the right to see them more often. If the court finds the reason for modification is justifiable, the changes are awarded.

Prenuptial agreements are binding contracts married couples sign that explain how certain affairs are to be handled should they occur. A prime reason for having a prenuptial is making a predetermined agreement about certain facets in divorce. A couple may want to negotiate on who gets certain assets they shared if they divorce. The two may agree that spousal support is accepted in divorce, or that no one be obliged to pay alimony. If a prenuptial agreement wasn’t made before marriage and the couple later decides they should, a post-nuptial agreement can be arranged. The family law practice areas concerning a validated prenuptial requires the services of a lawyer who is well versed in this area of law. There are legislative guidelines to follow to create an authentic prenuptial. If not, they may later discover that some conditions of agreement they thought were secured are invalid.

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