Asking A Legal Rights Expert In Greenfield, MA About Injury Case Guidelines

by | Mar 28, 2015 | Personal Injury Attorney

In Massachusetts, personal injury victims must review the laws that apply to the type of accident that caused their injuries. While the statute of limitation of three years applies to all cases, the guidelines vary considerably. A Legal Rights Expert in Greenfield MA could provide assistance in identifying these requirements before the victim submits a claim.

Auto Accident Requirements

No-fault laws govern over how auto-mobile accident claims are filed. As a no-fault state, the first step for victims is to file a claim through their personal injury protection insurance. The state requires drivers to acquire personal injury coverage in the amount of $8,000 for each injured individual.

According to personal injury laws in Massachusetts, the victim could file a legal claim against the other driver if their medical costs exceed $2,000, or if they sustained an injury that is permanent or causes a disfigurement. Broken bones and the loss of any of their five senses are included in these guidelines. A Legal Rights Expert in Greenfield, MA could present victims with information for these requirements.

Dog Bite Litigation

After a dog bites another individual in the state; the pet owner is required to cover the cost of the victim’s medical expenses. If the attack happened on the pet owner’s property, he or she could file a claim through their home-owner’s insurance. However, the claim must present the victim with a settlement value that reflects the full cost of these expenses and the wages in which they lost due to their injuries and absence from work.

The temperament of the dog has no bearing on the case. It doesn’t matter if the dog hasn’t shown any signs of violent behaviour prior to this event. The pet owner is responsible under strict liability. The first step for the victim is to report the animal through their medical provider.

By understanding the guidelines for personal injury litigation in the state, victims won’t face significant delays or hindrances. This helps them to file the claim correctly in the first place. To determine the required steps for acquiring damages in these cases should contact Daniel and Fontaine LLC today. You can also visit them on Twitter.

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