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Personal Injury Lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA Represent Clients Injured at Water Parks

When someone has been seriously hurt at a water park, the person may wonder if it’s possible to file a lawsuit against the park owners. Personal injury lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA provide free consultations so people who have been harmed in various situations can learn whether they have a good case and if hiring an attorney is advisable.

Water parks have become common throughout the country, with slides and other attractions becoming increasingly bigger and more exciting. Often, they are connected with a hotel, but the park might be owned independently rather than by the hotel owner. It’s similar to an independently owned restaurant being situated next to a lodging establishment, as each business benefits from the relationship.

Guest Negligence

Sometimes, injuries occur because of the carelessness of park guests. In those cases, it can be very difficult to obtain compensation from park owners. For example, if someone was running barefoot along wet pavement, slipped and fell, the park’s owner and insurer may believe the accident was the person’s fault. If the guest had been drinking alcohol, this might be used in the park’s defense.

Assumption of Risk

Another defense used by the business is that a guest assumes a certain level of risk when participating in water park activities. This could be an effective defense if the injury was not caused by any sort of equipment malfunction.

Equipment Malfunctions

If equipment broke down or malfunctioned in a way that could cause harm, however, the park should be held liable under the concept of premises liability. Personal injury lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA can help the person obtain financial compensation if the park owner or insurance company refuses to cooperate.

Other Issues

Lawyers with a firm such as Woomer & Talarico know the many situations that can cause an accident at a water park. The usual factor is poorly maintained equipment or a lack of attention to a component that should have been repaired or replaced. Sometimes, the employees were not properly trained. Overcrowding has also been implicated in serious accidents at water parks because lifeguards and other employees have difficulty reaching someone who needs help. Visit our website for more information.

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