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Benefits of a Construction Site Accident Attorney in Bronx, NY

A construction site accident attorney is the first person you should call after you receive a serious injury on the job and after you receive a denial of support from your employer. It is an unfortunate fact that many companies will deny a workers’ compensation claim after an injury, and many workers will allow this to happen without fighting back for the compensation they deserve. Once you suffer injured on the job, you need a professional to help you work through your options and to fight for the money that you deserve due to your employer’s negligence.

Outright Negligence

It may be that you received your injury due to your employer simply not informing you about a serious hazard at the work site, as is their moral and legal obligation, and a construction site accident attorney in Bronx, NY can help you prove this fact. Visit us to learn more about your options and to set up a no-obligation consultation so that you may determine whether legal action is within your hand to play. It may be that you simply need to threaten your employer with a serious lawsuit to get their insurance company to give you the money owed or it may be that you receive much more than you first expect.


With any personal injury case, you must present evidence to support the fact that you were injured due to the actions or inactions of your employer and a construction site accident attorney will help you do this. These experts look through the reports at hand, including medical and police reports, any CCTV footage of the event, witness statements, and more to ensure that you receive the best representation of the truth. Since your employer will most definitely employ an experienced attorney of its own, you cannot afford to come without professional protection by your side.

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