Starting Claims For Dog Bites With Personal Injury Lawyers In Belvidere, Illnois

by | Sep 5, 2017 | Personal Injury Lawyer

In Illinois, pet owners are required by law to follow laws and procedures to prevent dog attacks. Local laws require dogs to wear leashes at any time that they are outside the home. The leashes help the owner maintain control over the animal. If they fail to follow the law, the pet owner increases the odds of a dog attack. Personal Injury Lawyers in Belvidere Illinois start a legal claim for victims of these attacks.

Rules About the First Bite

According to the law, the pet owner is liable for the attack after the first bite. This law doesn’t require the dog to attack the victim any further to classify the event as a dog attack. All the dog has to do is bite them one time and cause bodily injuries.

A Legal Right to Enter the Property

The victim cannot seek compensation if they didn’t have a legal right to enter the property. The owner must provide permission for the victim to enter their home. Service workers who enter the exterior of the property have a legal right based on their job duties. Any criminal act that led to entering the property forfeits the victim’s right to a claim.

Knowledge of Previous Attacks

Any knowledge of previous attacks presents a strict liability. The strict liability indicates that the pet owner failed to mitigate risks based on knowledge of hazards. The court imposes an award for pain and suffering.

A Clear Risk to the Public

Vaccinations are required by law for the rabies virus. A failure to comply with the law could lead to the development of the virus. Dogs with rabies are a clear risk to the public. If the dog has rabies, the dog is euthanized. This makes the owner liable for the cost associated with rabies treatment for the victim.

In Illinois, pet owners must mitigate risks to stop dog attacks. The law requires them to use leashes if they take the dog outside their property. They must follow measures to keep the dog inside the property lines. Victims of the events contact Personal Injury Lawyers in Belvidere Illinois through Clark Frost Williams Zucchi today.

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