Talk to An Attorney Before Speaking to Insurance Carriers

by | Sep 12, 2017 | Personal Injury Lawyer

When an accident occurs, the first things a person worries about are damages and injuries. Once that is assessed, insurance information exchange usually follows. When the time comes, do not talk to the insurance carrier. Rather, hire a car accident attorney to handle matters. There are a few reasons for doing so.


According to lawyers, insurance companies will try to place some sort of liability on you, regardless of the facts. Their interests are often adverse to yours, as the adjusters sent to your case are often working to make sure the company has to pay you as little as possible and make as much profit as possible.

Attorneys will work with insurance companies to either reduce the cost or remove it altogether. According to recent studies, insurance companies have paid more for claims that have been handle by attorneys than without.


Adjusters sent from the insurance companies to look into a claim are trying to close the case as quickly and cheaply as possible. Their conversations with you will feel rushed and intimidating, especially after you have just gone through an accident. It’s during the initial conversation that adjusters will talk to the driver in order to get them to settle for an amount far below standards. You don’t know what your claim is worth, so how will you know if the amount they are offering is true to damage?

The truth is you don’t. A car accident attorney will take their time and look through the claim to assess the damages. Once that occurs, they will state whether or not the amount suggested is enough or not. When insurance companies are doing a rush job, lawyers will step in to make sure you are getting the deserved settlement.


In the moment, when an adjuster is asking questions about what happened during the accident, you can feel overwhelmed by what seems like an interrogation. In a sense, they are interrogating you in order to find a way to make you pay more than you would have to. You often think you need to give as much detail as possible, but you are wrong. The more detail they give, the less likely you will be able to not claim any fault in the accident.

An attorney will understand the adjuster’s intent with each question and will guide you to which questions you should and shouldn’t answer. They will explain what you should say and how you should say in order to make sure you receive the proper settlement. This way, insurance companies will have little to pin on you and will have to pay more for the damages that were not your fault.

When handling insurance carriers, the best option is to contact a car accident attorney who has experience in such matters. They will be able to handle the matter with you in order to make sure you are properly compensated, and do not have to pay the insurance more than the damages are worth. Talking to the insurance carrier yourself can place you in an even worse position than you are in, so contact an attorney after an accident and let them alleviate some of that stress for you.

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