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Discuss Your Drug Tort Case with a Pharmaceutical Litigation Lawyer in Brandon, MS

If you were prescribed a drug which produced harmful side effects that later was recalled, you need to discuss your case with a pharmaceutical litigation lawyer in Brandon, MS. This is a tort claim that can only be handled by a specialist law firm – one that has a track record of proven success in this area.

What to Seek in a Legal Representative

Law firms such as The Braddock Law Firm, PLLC demonstrate this experience in mass tort cases by the types and number of settlements they have won. That is why you want to make sure the lawyer you choose has a solid background in handling cases where all the litigants involved have received payment of at least one million dollars. A mass tort law firm should have experience representing clients in major drug cases related to such pharmaceuticals as Zofran, Lipitor, Pradaxa, and Xarelto.

Therefore, it is important that you carefully review the background and standing of the mass tort lawyer who represents you in your legal drug case. For example, what are some of his or her specialties? Does he or she just represent clients in mass tort cases, or is the representative an entertainment lawyer too? The whole idea is to make sure you are well-represented so you receive the money to which you are entitled.

How to Schedule a Consultation

To begin the process, contact a pharmaceutical litigation lawyer today and schedule a consultation. This type of appointment takes about 10 minutes. For example, if you took Taxotere to treat a cancer condition and experienced hair loss, you need to further discuss your experience with the appropriate legal counsel.

A pharmaceutical litigation lawyer can serve as your advocate, providing evidence as to why you should be compensated from the dangers or bad side effects imposed by certain drugs. Drugs such as Taxotere may present unsubstantiated claims of a drug’s superiority – which can frequently be used for seeking a settlement.

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