Do You Need a Child Custody Attorney in Hartford, WI?

by | Sep 8, 2014 | Lawyer

When it comes to couples separating, many times there are children that need to be thought of. The separation can be incredibly hard on the child, and so it’s important that the separation and child custody is handled in a way that benefits the child or children involved. In these cases, it’s a good idea to hire a child custody attorney in Hartford, WI for help with the case. The following scenarios are just a few of the times you may want to hire a child custody attorney.

To Create a Custody Agreement

When the separation first occurs, it’s important to have a lawyer help you set up a schedule for visitation, child support and custody. This ensures that if anything does go wrong, such as your ex-spouse not paying the child support, there is a legal avenue to proceed with. While you may agree at first with custody, visitation and support, it doesn’t mean you will always agree.

To Enforce a Custody Agreement

If anything does go wrong, a child custody attorney can help you enforce the custody agreement. Whether it’s a problem with your ex-spouse consistently not bringing the children home on time or failing to pay their child support obligations, the lawyer can help you figure out what to do to enforce the agreement. They have seen it all before, and know exactly how to proceed.

To Adjust a Custody Agreement

If the agreement is no longer working out well, it can be adjusted. This is easiest when both parents agree to the adjustment, such as switching some of the visitations or adjusting the support payment dates to work with when the person gets paid. However, these should still be written and signed by the courts to ensure they can be legally enforced, just like the creation of a custody agreement.

You should contact a child custody attorney in Hartford, WI for any child custody, support or visitation concerns you may have. The welfare of the children is their top priority, and they will work hard to find a way to ensure the child is both happy with the arrangement and taken care of. A law firm like Hetzel and Nelson LLC can ensure your child or children are taken care of whether creating, enforcing or adjusting a custody agreement.

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