Estate and Trust Planning: Why It is Important to Prepare for the Future

by | Nov 20, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

People often do not think of what will happen to their property after they pass away. Some individuals even feel they do not own enough assets or they have plenty of time to plan their estate. However, this could not be further from the truth. Anyone that owns property should document how they want their property distributed after their death. Whether they are nearing the end stage of their life or a young adult, it is never too early for a person to start preparing their estate. A firm that offers estate and trust administration in Connecticut can provide the legal advice and services required to plan a person’s estate.

What to Expect When Meeting with a Law Firm

  • Important information is gathered such as the assets owned by the client, their family structure, and their primary objective in how they want their estate distributed upon their death.
  • Legal counsel will provide vital information on establishing trusts and planning a client’s estate. Along with making suggestions how they can establish their estate to minimize how much taxes the beneficiaries will pay to ensure they receive a bulk of their inheritance.
  • After making recommendations and gathering all the information required, a lawyer will start customizing a plan that fits their client’s specific needs.
  • When meeting with an estate and trust administration in Connecticut, they will draft the documents needed to legalize a client’s final wishes. After explaining the documents to the client, the individual will sign the paperwork to finalize the process of planning an estate.

Obtain Your Financial Goals with a Trusted Firm

If a person does not plan their estate, they are risking the chance of their property not being distributed how the individual wanted. In addition to most of their assets being consumed by court fees and taxes if not properly prepared. For the past 100 years, Cummings & Lockwood LLC has provided the sound legal advice and services each client requires to effectively establish their estate that will be distributed to the beneficiaries they have selected.

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