Examining Circumstances With A Burn Injury Lawyer In Waldorf, MD

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In Maryland, fires and similar events could lead to serious burns and fatalities. Property owners, manufacturers, and doctors must manage associated risks properly to lower the odds of severe injuries. A Burn Injury Lawyer in Waldorf MD helps victims examine circumstances that can produce the injuries.

Circumstances that Cause Burn-Related Injuries

  • Property Fires: Property fires present liabilities based on how the fire starts and if fire safety regulations were followed. In residential property, an electrical contractor, landlord, or repair service could be deemed liable for burn-related injuries. In a commercial property, the property owner could be deemed liable if a visitor sustains burns due to fire safety regulations or the mismanagement of the property.
  • Consumer Product-Related Burns: A manufacturer is liable if a consumer is burned while using their product. Common instances of the accidents are faulty fireplaces and prolonged exposure to chemicals. The manufacturer must provide warning labels and instructions to mitigate burn-related risks.
  • Radiation-Related Medical Malpractice: Cancer patients undergoing radiation could sustain radiation-related burns if their exposure levels are too high. The doctor is required to manage the level of radiation exposure to prevent potential burns. Any failure to prevent the burn-related injuries could present a reason for a medical malpractice claim.
  • Exposure to Flammable Liquids: The sudden and unexpected exposure to flammable liquids could lead to burn-related injuries as well. Workers that manage hazardous materials on the job site must wear protective gear to mitigate the risk of fire-related injuries. Employers must mitigate further risks.
  • Arc Flashes: In industrial environments, businesses must utilize the services of electrical maintenance workers to mitigate the risk of an arc flash. The events could lead to the most severe of burns or an immediate fatality. The arc flashes present temperatures that are high enough to burn through skin, muscle, and organ systems in a matter of seconds.

Damages for Burn-Related Injuries

Monetary awards in the cases include medical expenses and specialty services for burn unit care. All lost wages are replaced, and the victims could acquire pain and suffering-related awards.

In Maryland, fire-related injuries could lead to excessive medical expenses and several months in which the victim cannot work. A legal claim could provide victims with a chance to seek compensation. Victims of the events can contact a Burn Injury Lawyer in Waldorf MD or visit The Valente Law Group directly.

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